Brim Sustainability Report 2019


Iceland, including territorial waters, is 88% sea and 12% land. The major part of the earth that belongs to Icelanders consists of ocean. In my opinion, we at Brim are one of the main curators of this sea-green part, and I know we have the ambition to play this role responsibly and with determination.

Brim’s history reveals that the company is highly trustworthy in matters relating to the environment. The company has led the way in increasing respect within the fisheries sector towards the sea and its natural environs, better utilisation of catches and increased sustainability in fishing and processing. We have considerably reduced the use of fuel oil, completely discontinued the use of heavy fuel oil and increased the use of electricity wherever possible. In addition, we sort all our waste, both at sea and on land, and recycle almost all the plastic we use. We were the first fisheries company in Iceland to submit a sustainability report, and we do so here for the third time. The report clearly shows that we are on the right track.

I believe, however, that we need to do better. The matter has become ever more pressing. The biota of this 88% part of Iceland is threatened by the acidification of the oceans. It is a sad fact that the seas around Iceland have acidified faster since the beginning of this century than in the previous thousand years. The fact is simply this: the economic sector and communities do not have a choice. It is time to seize the day. Not after twenty years, not after ten years. We can change what we are doing and prevent significant difficulties. I, and the leaders of Brim, understand our responsibility, and we know that our plans, and not least our investments, must serve the goal of a carbon-neutral operation.

Our responsibility at Brim as regards non-financial items does not cover only the natural environment, but also the working environment and our communities. Employee safety is paramount, as are all the rights of people, independent of age, gender or origin. In addition, Brim participates in developments and progress in society by supporting good causes by various means, as it is the policy of the company to be a responsible participant in the Icelandic society and economy. I feel that it is important that Brim and those of us who work at Brim show this by our actions.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson

CEO of Brim